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Buying sanitary ware for a new house or for home refurbishing requires great deal of time, patience and money. Installation of sanitary wares (Basins, Showers, Taps, Baths, Toilets, Tiling, etc) is generally not done in every two or three years. Once done it should run for years with the right maintenance.


Buying Sanitary Ware

Buying sanitary ware Cape Town is not as tricky as it sounds. The town has plenty of options for a potential buyer here. While buying these products always keep these points in mind-


  • Quality of the smoothness, glaze and brightness of the product
  • Thickness of the product
  • Position of the waste outlet, water pipes, valve and whether the dimension is suitable for your toilet or kitchen.
  • Flush tank capacity.
  • Good after sales service etc.



The sanitary ware Cape Town industry has spread its wings in length and breadth of Cape Town and its surroundings. Many established companies provide quality plumbing service after the customer has purchased the product. These companies are just a call away and will put the water supply line, drainage system on the right path to ensure smooth run.



Without a septic tank the proper state of satiation cannot be achieved. Here human wastes (stool, urine) are decomposed by anaerobic bacteria. Finding appropriate Septic Tanks Cape Town is quite easy. For uninterrupted service septic tank should have right dimensions, tank size, two chambers and proper inlet and outlet path.