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Burglar Bars cape town

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Burglar Bars Cape Town:

Make New Additions

To Your Home

What can Burglar bars Cape Town do for you?
Protect the house from the invasion even as maintaining an open, charming, stylish and of course striking look.


The slam lock security gates also along with the Burglar bars Cape Town endow you with an added barrier against invasion, to co-operate alongside with the alarm system & other existing security barriers.


Ease the safety maintenance duties - as they are clearly burglar bars, they necessitate no colors, rust-treatment, cleaning or washing. Simply a light dusting is sufficient.


Prevent your house from resembling any goal cell 

They provide you the stepping stone for a continued focus for improving the home security. This is carried on by the free info you get from the different companies and their partners on improving home security in ample.


They offer you the chance to engage with countless others who have chosen the apparent burglar bars as the barrier of their choice!


Burglar bar Supplier, Cape Town-
Located in Cape Town, there have been companies in this field since 1994.  These companies provide service for both domestic and industrial markets in Cape Town and the surrounding areas and provide you with a wide range of attractive products to suit the demands of the clients.


The companies own team and friendly staffs who have years of experience in this field and are able to suggest you the best solution on specific security requirements.  

They also provide a wide range of appealing, tested burglar proofing products, including the burglar gates, stoep enclosures, fencing, the pedestrian gates, the driveway gates,
slam lock security gates Cape Town. Stoep enclosures and the fencing are customized which mean that the manufactures are according to your demands and requirements and detailed specifications using the products with the highest quality.

The Burglar Bars, Cape Town specialize in the manufacturing and installing of:



The Driveway Gates

  • The Pedestrian Gates
  • The Stoep Enclosures
  • The Trellis Doors

    and also
  • Balustrades



  • Electric Lock
  • Motors
  • Intercom System


The installation teams have to be very experienced and deliver the customers a professional totally reliable fitting service.


What the companies have for Cape Town, in the field of Burglar Bars –

  • The Latest Technology available in the industry for the burglar bars: Thermoplastic.
  • Product assures not to provide a claustrophobic feel like that of being barred in.
  • Rely on the material. It is virtually unbreakable.
  • There are no requirements for the maintenance of the material is assured for up to ten years of fading and also ageing.
  • This system is comparatively economical.