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Finding a company reliable and trusting it with ones money and ability for quality services is literally a big step, especially when it is plumbing industry. In order to ensure that people receive right kind of services a system or process have been formulated, there are registration boards pertaining to plumbing that ensures the plumbing services are legitimate.


A licensed plumber legitimizes ones services by issuing a certificate known as Plumbing Certificate of Compliance either to the relevant owner, municipality, local authority and/or an insurance company, whoever the concerned owner is. Compliance certificates Cape Town ensures legitimate and quality services. The compliance certificates ensures that the concerned plumber has proper license and therefore is capable of taking the ownership and responsibility of their services and can be held accountable for it.


Obey the rules and gratify your customers with your excellent work and amazing skills

As per law it is absolutely illegal for anyone who does not have proper qualification to work on any sort of plumbing installation if the concerned person is not a licensed or a qualified plumber. If the plumber is under the jurisdiction of a qualified plumber and does not hold a license, the concerned person is doing nothing illegal.


Plumbers who fall under the category of qualified plumbers classify as qualified or skilled plumbers and therefore may undertake plumbing works and may supervise plumbing learners. Compliance certificates Cape Town is granted to those who are capable of handling those certificates. No matter how much skilled or qualified you are, you are not permitted to purchase or issue compliance certificates for any sort of plumbing installation.


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