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New Year


Lucky Money



On the auspicious day of the Chinese New year or during any other spring festival holidays, elders usually give Chinese kids money, known as Lucky Money. To offer this they use a small, red pouch called Hóngbao,  Hóng ?means RED color AND bao?means pouch.


In Southern China, Chinese kids, teens and adults who are not married receive Hóngbao as a gift. The lucky money in the Chinese language is known by the name of Ya Sui Qian, meaning Suppress devils money. It depicts the meaning- the thing that can suppress devils and maintain peace and safety in person’s life during the year.


In some of the Southern areas, generally in Guangdong province, Hóngbao is also known by the name of Lì shì (??), also Gongxi facái, hóngbao ná lái (????,????) means a wish to make plenty of money in the new year.


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