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The Cape Town International Convention Centre currently is the largest and most frequently used centre in the city of Cape Town. This convention centre is used for substantial conferences, all thanks to the multiple facilities this convention provides its visitors. It has a convenient location, located opposite to the V&A Waterfront. It started its operation in June 2003. CTICC at present is among the top most symposium centres in hemisphere`s southern part. The modern day congress centre is known for its world-class auditoriums, exhibition centres, along with smaller- sized congress rooms boasting of the magnificent structure.


Enjoy work and beyond with amazing destinations and facilities around you

There is no dearth of accommodation near CTICC. A great number of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels are there within a close proximity of the convention centre, also B&B guest houses. A few are just a few steps away; you even do not have to require transportation to reach this place. There are accommodation near CTICC which are beautifully endowed with brilliant restaurants along with numerous other sites of interest.


The accommodations present near the historic convention centre are equipped with superior amenities. If you want to postpone your meeting and flow with the beautiful surroundings of yours, then you can certainly do so. The superior amenities provide visitors with numerous opportunities to consider things beyond meeting and work. There are a handful of amazing destinations and desirable facilities that will keep you engaged once you are off your regular schedule.


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