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Important Facts & Figures About Driving Schools In Cape Town

It's time for your son or daughter to get behind the wheel of a car. Understandably, you're nervous or not so understandably, you’re having a nervous breakdown seeing visions of accidents and the million things that could go wrong. Most parents tremble at least a bit at the thought of their children hitting the streets on their own. But before you son or daughter can qualify for a driver's license, you have an important decision to make: Should you teach your children how to drive on their own or should you sign them up with a commercial service that can handle this job for you?

The answer to this is driving schools. It may seem like a great idea but trust me, teaching anyone how to drive is a job best left for driving schools in Cape Town and other cities of the world. Driving schools in the southern suburbs have all it takes to whip anyone into a decent driver in a short amount of time. Teaching your son or daughter or indeed anyone, how to drive can be an incredibly stressful experience. It's hard and nearly impossible for parents not to get overly excited every time their daughter or son presses down too hard on the gas pedal or takes a corner a bit too sharply. Driving schools in Cape Town and other cities save you this nerve wracking experience that is nothing short of torment.

Additionally, driving schools in the southern suburbs employ professionals who know exactly what skills your daughter or son will need to be a successful and safe driver. And they know from vast years of experience how best to impart those skills.

A 2007 report comparing Parent Taught to professional Driver’s Education schools found that teenagers taught to drive by someone other than a professional driver education instructor are more likely to be involved in a serious traffic crash. The study found that after supervisory and Graduated Driver License restrictions are removed, Parent Taught drivers are nearly three times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than young drivers taught by commercial driving school instructors. Perhaps a reason for this is that parents are not required to complete any training, whereas instructors in our driving school in Cape Town are required to complete a rigorous 135 hour course of in-car and classroom training before being certified to teach anyone to drive.

It also found that fresh drivers are more likely to be convicted of driving violations, including speeding and more likely to be in a serious crash. In the six months of driving experience following the learners’ permit period, Parent Taught drivers were involved in nearly 50 percent more crashes, in which at least one person received a serious injury. Similarly, during the year following the period where the student is supervised by an adult, Parent Taught drivers were involved in fatal crashes at a much higher rate than teens who went to driving schools in the southern suburbs and other neighborhoods. They also learned that most parents don’t read or teach the entire Driver's Education curriculum, leaving out important information.

So for your own safety, learn how to drive at our driving schools in Cape Town or the southern suburbs.