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There are various ways to transport or ship and object from one place to the other. However, care must be taken that there no damage is done to the object being shipped. This is why shipping and transportation is considered one of the most tedious and heavy duty tasks.


This is the reason; many companies have their own shipping units and transportation systems. When some company needs to deliver a product or equipment, they hire professionals to carry out the job. Shipping takes a lot amount of study and analysis of the object being shipped.


Packaging is one such concern of the shipping companies. Packaging is a process in which the object is partially or completely protected from any influence from the outside world during transportation. Packages can be made of any material and once safely delivered then the job is done.


Crates are among the packaging units of a delivery company. These are nothing but boxes which forms an outer protective layer of the object being transported. The layer of protection depends on the type of object being transported.


There are various types of Crates available. They are classified as per their structure and what they are made from. They can be either made of wood, metal or plastic. These have been largely used as packaging source over the last years as they not only offer protection to the objects being shipped but also come at quite cheap rates. Most shipping units prefer these for packaging and transportation purposes.