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Construction Project Management


Project Management:

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In a production industry, it is very important to keep a track of the complete cycle, right from the beginning of the production, to the release of product in the market.


The construction industry has grown to a larger extent with the rise of real estate. All these construction projects are managed in tight schedule because if there is a delay, it gives a huge rise in total project cost and sometimes it might result in a loss for the real estate company. Hence, to keep a check on this proper management of a project is required so that it can be completed within its timeline and allocated cost.


The main objectives of Construction Project Management area:

  • Coordination
  • overall planning
  • controlling the project from start to finish


If the team of project management can focus on the following objectives, it can actually construct a financially and functionally feasible project based on client requirement.


Now a day most of the real estate projects are outsourced to different vendors to meet cost & time schedule. Hence the process of project management is done by the vendor or the contractor who has taken the contract, while the parent company can only keep a track on this and doesn’t have much say. The contractor ideally appoints a project manager who manages everything with a given team and work towards the completion of a project.


The purposes involved in Construction Project Management:

  • Identify the project plans and objectives, including the description of budgeting, scope, scheduling, requirements and the performance measurements, and also selecting project members as well.
  • Try to use the resources available to its maximum efficiency through the use of equipment, materials and labor.