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Accomodation Simons Town

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Simons Town

Can anything be better than a welcoming warm home while you are away from home? And that too when comfort is primarily important? A home away from home is desired for and welcomed by all. Rooms designed in a way that its atmosphere relaxes you, taking away all your worries and instilling peace and relaxation, are something that definitely deserves a chance.


A self catering accommodation where every unit is designed to overlook the splendid surroundings is no less than a hotel. Nature welcoming you in its vivacious and effervescent mood is a rare sight. The Accomodation Simons Town provides you with a panoramic view of the splendiferous nature and a home away from your dear home.  Self catering accommodations have different kinds of unit to suit different needs. Suppose you are getting an opportunity of staying at a place from where all sorts of tourist activities start and that too without being a spendthrift, is cooking going to bug you? Definitely not would be your answer, isn`t it so? These tourist accommodations are safe as well as family friendly.


Cater yourself with a brilliant range of facilities welcoming you with open arms

You must be thinking what are the kinds of facilities these self catering accommodations will provide you with? Warm ambience opens its arms and welcomes you to its lovely spacious apartment. Opt for self-catering accommodation that has different kinds of apartment, like three bedroom, two bedroom, spacious garden apartment if they have one etc. well the facilities include a well-appointed kitchen, fully equipped dining area with freezer, oven, crockery, cutlery etc. Accomodation Simons Town provides its visitors with comfortably furnished, warm and family friendly apartments.


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