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Important Facts & Figures About Key cutting Cape Town

Ace Lock and Key services is the number one destination for all your key cutting in Cape Town. Imagine if you have only one key for your house or car and something happens to that key (say it goes missing or gets broken), your day will be pretty muchruined. This is why you need to have a spare key for everything. If you’re worried about where and how to go about obtaining spare keys, this is why Ace Lock and Key is here, we take care of all your key cutting needs in Cape Town.

Key cutting works by a key cutting machine tracing the pattern of another key concurrently while cutting the originals pattern into a blank key. A vice holds the key in place and another vice holds the blank key. A key guide, which is like a stylus, moves along the cut of the key and guides the cutter along to make matching cuts into the blank key, thus making the duplicate. If any key does not operate a lock, then Ace Lock and Key will just adjust the stop collar and this will usually remedy the problem. Key cutting Cape Town and Ace Lock and Key are synonymous because we are the best.

We are equipped to handle all your key cutting needs regardless of what type of key it is. From your house key to your car keys to padlock keys to gate keys and so many more. You have our word that all the keys we cut for you will be extremely accurate and nothing short of precise. This is because we have built a solid reputation for precision. There is a wide range of keys for you to choose from and if we do not have the type of key you need ready, then all you need do is order it and depending on what type of key it is, we will have it ready in our premises in a short while. All our machines and equipment are perfectly maintained and calibrated to ensure that your keys are cut to perfection. It fits perfectly the lock for it like it was made for it because it was made for it. So just come on down to our premised and we will handle all your key cutting needs at the best price possible.

Whenever you need to have a key cut, you need to ensure that you use only reputable key cutting service providers. This will ensure your safety and because we maintain the highest standards, you can rest assured that not only are you getting the best value for your money, you are also keeping your person, family and your belongings as safe as possible. You get a perfectly cut key and we get a happy customer. So if you ever need any type of key cutting Cape Town, South Africa, come on down to Ace Lock and Key Services where we provide the best available service at great prices!