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fun ways to learn mandarin


Chinese Innovations



Paper was first introduced in China in 200 BC, but then it wasn’t used as a toilet paper until 700 years, as it was reserved only for the Emperor and the imperial court. In 851 AD, an Arab traveller wrote that the Chinese don’t wash themselves and just use paper to wipe.



Ketchup/ Ke-chiap was invented in the 17th century in China, made up using pickled fish and spices. Later, it was discovered by the English explorers after taking idea from China. Tomato was used to make up Ketchup for the first time in 1805 and betrayed ketchup’s fish sauce completely.


Ice Cream??? (BING QÍ LÍN)

We don’t know the exact date of the origin of the Ice cream, but Chinese invented the same in 200 BC. That time Ice cream was formed using a combo of frozen milk and rice. Marco Polo was the one, who took the same recipe along with the noodles and brought to Europe.



This interesting sport was tried and played for the first time by the Chinese. The competitive ball was kicked using feet only and got a name- Cuju during Han Dynasty. The ball was stuffed with the feathers and players need to kick through the narrow goal posts. This sport got popularity and was often played in the backyard of the large mansions and palaces. As it was firstly played by the Chinese frequently, but still Chinese National Football team has a poor record.


Moreover, one of the interesting facts, which must be known by all is- PING PONG is not a Chinese invention and was invented in England and brought to China in the early 1900 century.


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