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how to say Chinese words

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Chinese Characters


Each and every Chinese character is developed by certain types of movements and strokes of a pen. Every order and direction of a stroke depicts a particular character and is very important in producing meaningful sentences. Thus, you should understand these strokes in order to get complete knowledge and ability to learn and write Chinese.


Generally there are certain exceptions, which one should understand in how to say Chinese words as well as how to write them. One will find that most of the characters are written from left to right and some from top to bottom. Some have horizontal strokes and some vertical strokes. Thus, understanding, why and how it is written is very important.


People generally find the characters like logograms which are used to write Chinese along with other Asian languages. These characters are known by the name of Hanzi and used in various languages- Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and various others. Talking more about Chinese characters, it is generally said that it is the oldest and most popular language used system of writing in the world and very interesting to learn.


For learning Chinese, one should link up with the Chinese tutor so that the tutor can let the students know the meaning, importance and significance of character strokes. One can also start with 1-10 numbers in Chinese. They are very simple to learn and write. Do check by yourself, below-

One                ?

Two               ?

Three            ?

Four             ?

Five             ?

Six                 ?

Seven             ?

Eight               ?

Nine              ?

Ten              ?


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