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fire exit doors

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Fire Exit Doors


Security of a place is important. When you are dealing with areas that are prone to accidents, then safety equipments are necessary. Fire is one of the most devastating accidents in a building. The use of fire proof material can help to avert the accident. Adding them to your property ensures that people living or working in it are safe from harm’s reach. Doors that obstruct fire are made from material that can withstand fire for a long time, allowing time for people to escape.


When you select safety material for your home or office, they come with a rating. They define the durability of the material against fire. There are fire rated doors that come with two hundred forty minute rating. It indicates that the material can bear the wrath of extreme heat for four hours. Placing them in important areas like exit can enhance the evacuation process. The doors are unlatched so that you can open them with ease when an incident strikes.


The structure of these materials is focused towards safety. They open on both sides and also come with three hinges variant. You can select from a variety of fire exit doors that come with proper glazing to fight against incidents. These materials go through a furnace test to test its capacity against extreme heat. They pass through strict quality audits to ensure complete safety. This hardware comes with the required certification and provides the best solution for your safety requirements. You may select the colours that will match your rooms and walls.