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Matthew John San Giorgio
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Cape Town,

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crating Cape Town

Crating Cape Town:

Intelligent Crating Solutions

For Your Requirements

The crating companies in South Africa provide you all types of logistical services needed for the manufacturing, freight and rigging industry. The crates manufactured meets the highest standard of quality and it can be used for anything from tons of weight machine to household equipments.


In crating Cape Town you can find all the crating solutions that you need. It is specially designed and manufactured which are capable to fully and securely enclose your valuable cargo. These crating services are available at affordable rate in your door step.


The experienced and skilled labors build durable, strong crates which are able to meet your packing needs. Their knowledge combined with experience ensures that even the heaviest and huge machineries and equipments are safe in the crates which are prepared for shipping. It is packed at your premises for the convenience of the customers. Every client can express their needs and suggestions and are attended with great care and professionalism.


In crating Cape Town different styles of crates are available like heavy duty crates, solid crates, reusable crates, and slatted crates, ply braced crates, trade show crates etc. The customers can select the most appropriate one that is suitable for their cargo needs.


All crating is specific to the weight and size of the goods after taking into account the mode and destination of the cargo. They offer highest degree quality service all around the world and make ensure that the clients are satisfied with the services provided. The goods will be delivered quickly and promptly at the destination within the mentioned time.