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Two way radio Cape Town

Two Way Radio

Cape Town:

Improving Your

Business Productivity

A two-way radio also known as walkie talkie is a wireless portable communication device used for instant and group communication. It is built on a radio technology which allows the user to have a conversation with the similar radio operators connected to the same radio frequency. The new generation phones, the mobile phones are inspired from two way radios.


The Two way radio Cape Town is very user friendly and anybody will easily understand the options without much effort. It is one of the earliest wireless technologies and it is actually a radio that can both receive and transit. This radio is equipped with a “Push-To-Talk” PTT button to turn on the transmitter. The operator just simply presses the PTT button when they want to talk and releases the same button to listen to others. It has a limited communication range and can be adjusted based on the radio power.


The Two way radio Cape Town is used for short distance communication in various industries. Some of them are film industries, security, construction companies and transportation. Cape Town is a home of many two way radio manufacturing companies, most of them are 20 years old. They sell, rent and provide service of this radio in South Africa. Their target customers are upper level managers in manufacturing firms, armed forces, and transport and shipment industry.


For both indoor and outdoor communication two way radios of Cape Town are best choice considering the quality and service of the manufacturers.