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travelling with Kids

Holidaying with kids has its own pleasure. You are able to spend good quality time with your kids and are able to open the world of excitement for them. The excitement increases manifold if you are holidaying in one of the most iconic and exotic locations in the world. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the Mother city of Africa – Cape Town. There is so much to do and see even for kids that it can easily become their favorite holiday destination. Natural beauty, serene beaches to play on, lush forests, aquariums, museums, gardens, theme parks, etc., there are abundant places to treat your kid. We will discuss about the places you must take your kid to but before that there is another important aspect of holiday planning with kids that you should look into.


When travelling with kids, you have to be very carefully when searching the accommodation. Finding a Cape Town accommodation with kids is no different. If you are going for a particular Cape Town hotel then make sure that it is kids friendly. The choice of accommodation can go a long way in making your holiday with kids in Cape Town more enjoyable. Now let’s get back to the list of places to visit in Cape Town with kids.


There are so many amazing places to visit in Cape Town that there is no scope for boredom.


Table Mountain: Take your kid for a cable car ride to the top of the Table Mountain. The panoramic view of the city one gets from there will hold them in awe. If your kids are adventure loving, then you can also go hiking around the place.


Two Ocean Aquariums: Travelling is also a great learning experience for kids; once such experience can be a visit to the two ocean aquarium. As the name suggest it is the meeting point of the Indian and Atlantic oceans and is a treasure trove for marine life. You can catch the glimpse of creatures like shark, whales, seals, variety of fishes, etc.


Museums and Planetarium: Check out the Iziko South African Museum; with its treasure of the African history it is a great place for kids. Also, a visit to the planetarium will give them a chance to catch a glimpse of the universe.


Butterfly World and Birds Conservatory: Kids love colors. What can be more exciting for them then visiting one of the most colorful creatures in the world – butterflies in the Butterfly world? This place is a must go for kids. If your kid is a birds’ lover, take him to the Africa’s largest wildlife conservatory that has more than 3000 species of birds.


Boulders Beach: This attraction is a must visit for kids and adults alike. What make it different are the African penguins which one can find here. Apart from that kids can enjoy playing in the beach water and also spend time building sand castles.


Apart from these, you can also take your kids to Ratanga Junction – a theme park in the city. So, you see there in no dearth of places for kids in Cape Town. With a bit of planning you can have the best time with your kids in while holidaying in Cape Town.


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