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The Looking Glass

Cape Town wines are world famous – and for good reason! Western Cape wines are, without a doubt, the best in the country. That, combined with the tourist-friendly atmosphere of the area makes the area a hot topic amongst wine distributors – locally and internationally.

When it comes to choosing a wine there are several factors that come into play. First off, you need to decide whether you want a wine that’s ready to drink or one that can be nurtured over a few years. Most Cape Town wines and Western Cape Wines can be enjoyed in either way. Let’s not forget the most important part of the wine drinking experience, however: Western Cape wines and Cape Town wines are made to be enjoyed. This is best done on the porch of a wine farm, with the vineyards sprawling out towards you. Western Cape wines and Cape Town wines are produced in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Many wine farms that produce Western Cape wines and Cape Town wines have world-class restaurants on offer, perfect for a lazy Sunday lunch. You can oftentimes enjoy food pairings while sipping on your Western Cape wines or gulping down some Cape Town wines. The possibilities, when it comes to enjoying Western Cape wines and Cape Town wines, are endless.

If, however, you are unable to visit the places of origin from whence these Western Cape wines and Cape Town wines come, you are in luck. There are countless Wine Distributors that specialise in the distribution of Western Cape wines and Cape Town wines. These wine distributors operate both locally and internationally. When shopping around for wine distributors to deliver your wine to you, don’t hesitate to look around for the best price. As with any industry, the wine distribution one is filled with different types of wine distributors. If you are looking to buy in bulk, most wine distributors would be able to offer you a discount. Wine distributors can also offer you specific collections directly from the cellar – which means you’ll oftentimes get a better price than in a retail store. When looking for international wine distributors, ensure the specific wine distributors have a good working relationship with the cellar. Some producers of Western Cape wines and Cape Town wines choose to handle the job of wine distributors themselves, which would also lower the cost for the customer, since the middle-man is cancelled out.

There is a huge variety of wines to choose from and it can get rather overwhelming. Certain wines go better with certain foods. For instance, a red wine is perfect with pastas, while fish pairs excellently with white wine. Most wine farms can offer you assistance when it comes to choosing a wine for a specific occasion.

The Western Cape is filled with world-class wine farms. From the picturesque Stellenbosch wine lands to the Durbanville wine valley, there is no shortage of quality wines in the Western Cape. Most of these wine farms have restaurants on-site, making it the ideal family outing. Some wine farms also offer cellar tours, which offers you a glimpse into the behind the scenes world of wine making. In most cases, you can purchase wine at a cheaper rate at the cellar than in a store – this alone is reason to visit your nearest wine farm!

There are two different wines: the ultra-expensive bottle that sits on your shelf for years as a reminder of how good life is, and the everyday drinking bottle of wine made for enjoyment and socialising. Whichever type of bottle you need at the moment, there is a Western Cape wines specialist able to assist you. Cape Town wines are of excellent quality and have made the rounds on the international radar. For some, it is more drink-friendly than the most exclusive French wines. This, of course, is up to taste.

Most wine distributors offer a wide range of Cape Town wines and Western Cape wines. This means that, thanks to wine distributors, you can enjoy the magic of the Western Cape anywhere. All you need now is a good meal and excellent company. Wine is a great privilege to anyone who enjoys the finer things in life – and also for those who just need something sweet to drink with a meal.