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Top Tips to Consider

Top Tips to Consider

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Cape Town


Located in the far southwestern corner of country, Cape Town is one the most strikingly beautiful cities in the world. It has a unique topography which is a blessing for its visitors. There are a range of outdoor activities to indulge in, in Cape Town – from windsurfing, mountain climbing, enjoying the natural sceneries, sun bathing and lazing on its serene beaches to wine tasting in its exotic vineyards. For as attractive a destination, it is important that you choose your Cape Town accommodation with care as a good place to stay while on holidays can enhance your holiday experience and make it more memorable.


The good thing about finding suitable accommodation in Cape Town is that there are a number of options of varying budgets, right from exquisite boutique hotels, resorts, villas, bed and breakfasts, hostels, self-catering cottages to Cape Town Guesthouses. Depending on your budget, you can choose from any of the given options. In order to make your search more systematic it is advisable you consider the following pointers. It will help you in making your hunt for the most suitable Cape Town accommodation easier.


Type of Accommodation: This is the first thing that you have to be sure about when searching for a place to stay in Cape Town. Depending on your choice you may choose a villa, hotel or a guesthouse, etc.


Price Range: This is a big deciding factor in choosing the right accommodation. You must have a budget for your accommodation. In fact, you must determine the cost for your whole trip first and then segregate the amounts – say for flight tickets, transportation, food, insurance, accommodation, etc. If you have these in place your expenses won’t whirl out of control.


Connectivity: This is another important factor to take into consideration. Putting up in a place which has good connectivity or is near to places of tourist interest is crucial as it can save a lot of time. Make sure there are food joints, restaurants, etc., near the place you choose to stay.


Facilities: In order to have a comfortable stay in Cape Town, it is also important that the hotel or guest house has facilities like laundry, gym, swimming pool, satellite television, internet, wi-fi, etc. These can vary as per the personal preferences, from person to person.


Scenic views: Cape Town is a scenic and beautiful city with the cloud laden table mountain as its imposing background and pristine beaches decorating its coastline. If you want that the place you would like to stay into have scenic views then choose a property that is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Cape Town is in its full glory at sun rise and it makes sense to choose an accommodation in scenic place.


When planning a trip to any new city, it is a good idea to plan you days in advance, so that you do not miss out on any of the top attractions. Research about the routes you would like to cover and prepare a day wise itinerary for best results.


For those looking for an accommodation in the heart of the city, Fritz Hotel is an ideal choice; it is strategically located and is close proximity of Cape Town city center, Parliament Street and Green Market.

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