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Contain Your Excitement.

Contain Your Excitement.

Cape Town is home to a busy shipping industry. This is great news if you need to transport something by ship – big or small. Additionally, Cape Town is also a major hub for road, train and air travel. There’s only one problem, however: how on earth do you ensure the safety of your cargo? Most of us don’t have the specialised knowledge needed for safely packing cargo. Luckily, however, there are professional companies specialising in packing in Cape Town. From cars to containers, there is bound to be a company equipped for packing your goods in Cape Town. When choosing which company to use for packing in Cape Town, there are some handy tips that will keep you from choosing the wrong company.

As with anything in life, knowledge is power. This means that, the more you know about container loading and packing in Cape Town, the better equipped you are to make the right choice when it comes to a Cape Town packing company and container loading specialist. Before choosing a Cape Town packing company or container loading specialist, you need to determine a few things: first, you need to determine how large your cargo is (i.e. a car or a clock); secondly, you need to decide how long a distance your cargo will travel – international or domestic? Finally, depending on the first two answers, you will need to decide on a mode of transport. There are multiple choices when moving cargo from Cape Town: you can make use of sea freight, air freight, train or road. This final decision will determine what service you need. No matter what your choice, however, a good packing company in Cape Town will be of great assistance. If you choose to make use of train or sea freight, quality container loading is also essential.

Packing Cape Town and container loading requires specific skills to ensure the safety of whatever it is you’re transporting. Packing in Cape Town takes many different shapes and sizes, and a good Cape Town packing service will offer you a healthy variety. Depending on what you’re transporting, you will need different supplies – such as pallets and crates. When packing in Cape Town (and everywhere else) you need to take note of the size of your cargo. The size of what you’ll be transporting will dictate the method of packing in Cape Town. It is essential to choose a correctly sized crate for your specific cargo. If the crate is too large when packing in Cape Town, the contents will be smashed by the time it reaches Robben Island, never mind India. If too small, however, the contents will be squashed and ruined by the time it reaches the final destination. It is clear, then, that a professional packing solution in Cape Town is essential. Luckily, there are well-trained professionals who know just how to handle your cargo – big or small – offering you peace of mind.

Container loading is an integral part of packing and moving things around and outside of Cape Town. Container loading refers to the specific way in which cargo needs to be packed in a container to avoid damage while being transported. As with most things, starting from the bottom and moving upwards is the best method when it comes to container loading. Before the actual container loading can take place, certain elements need to be taken care of. First, the container loading company needs to ensure that the containers and crates are sturdy enough to handle the specific cargo. This is done by using certain types of wood and other reinforcements. In order to ensure optimal packaging of cargo, the container loading company needs to have crates in a variety of sizes and strengths – able to accommodate specific types of cargo.

Next, the container loading company needs to be equipped with strong pallets. Container loading requires the crates to be moved from one spot to another (often with the help of a forklift or trolley). In order to move the crates, the container loading company needs to have adequate pallets. There are different types of pallets, for different purposes. The most convenient pallet used by container loading companies is the four way entry pallet. These pallets can be lifted from any of the four sides, making it very versatile and useful in container loading. Finally, the actual container loading needs to be done professionally so as to ensure that the pallets and crates don’t move around and get damaged. This is done by using specialised ropes, chains and wires.

No matter which specific packing and transport requirements you have, you’re bound to find it in the Mother City.